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Property Management Research and Insights

Tom Groombride

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Hi Landlords,

Over the past few months I have been researching the Property Management marketplace and the responses have been very mixed. I know this is a subject some of you are very passionate about and I would be interested to hear your opinions.

I hear lots of bad things about online property management portals. As a tech entrepreneur I see an opportunity to give people low fixed cost services on a wide scale by creating partnerships with well respected tradesmen and women in the local areas. I am still very much in the research phase so am not here to plug a product but if some of you would be interested in sharing your wealth of knowledge then please do drop me a line on groombridgetom@gmail.com. 

My background is in Peer to Peer lending where I have developed products which focus on three simple values (simplicity, fairness and transparency). I feel there is an opportunity to create a product in the property management market that mirrors these values and any insights into what landlords are looking for in their LA would be hugely appreciated.

Your's Sincerely 

Tom Groombridge

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