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Unreasonable tennant


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Dear All,

I have a tennant in my house that I am selling. I gave the tennant 3 months notice in writing back in september that ended 27th December 06. The tennant is still in the property. The tennant is my brother-in-laws brother and everytime someone wants to view the house he requests to be there and that I am also there.

I have asked if he has found anywhere to live as when I find a buyer they will require a move in date. I comply with his wishes to arrange all the veiwings and also have had to re-arrange the odd viewing as he was unavailable. He wont let me go in my house when he is not there, so I have to comply with his wishes.

The reason I have'nt evcited him is because he has kids and yes I am still receiving money from the govt whilst he is there.

If things remain difficult i will need to evict the tennant. There was never an agreed tennantcy agreement so I understand that I am required to give 2 months notice. Having already served notice in writing (I gave him 3 months in good faith), do I need to do this again??? giving 2 months notice? or can I serve him with eviction??

To add to this I have already paid £800 as an incentive to move (pay bond) and I will give him a further £1000 when the property is sold. Without going into details I did this as the situation was unbareable and my health is worth more than £1,800.

Do I also need to be there when viewings are being arranged?? If I want to get work doen whilst he is there do I just need to give him notice?

Your advice is appreciated


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Be firm and fair in the re-possession of your property. However, you cannot go in beforehand without his consent as you could be accused of trespass or worse.


Do I need to give notice again?? Or can I apply for a court order for possession of my property??

If someone wants to buy my house I need to give them a possible move in date.. i.e. 6/8 weeks otherwise they wont want to buy

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