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Multiple Holding Deposit


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I paid 250 Holding Deposit. The agent promised me that I will be first and the house will not be shown to anybody else but broke his promise. Unfortunately, it was a verbal contract. When I asked to give me this agent's or the manager's surname or to speak to the manager or to make an appoitment with the manager he refused me. As a result I spent time and nerves while I could search for other houses. On the other hand, if I pull out of the deal, for almost any reason, then my deposit is not refundable because the landlord/agency lost time while they could offer the house to someone else.

Can I have an interview with the manager? How can I do this politely? Could I apply to the small claim court for the actual financial loss due to termination of this verbal contract?




£250 paid as a fee of intent for the above mentioned property at a rental of

£1100 pcm

I agree that this is a fee of intent and is non-refundable under any circumstances. I agree that all application forms will be returned, completed in full by the 21/02/07 (=mistakes, dates should be as of 21/03/07). Failing this, the property will be re-marketed and the fee of intent will not be refunded.

For and on behalf of all tenants: [signtature of the agent]

(=mistake, should be signature of the tenant)

Date: 22/02/07


The agent promised to return full holding deposit to the person who would not be chosen but I am sure he will not to confirm this in writing.


A holding deposit is paid to the landlord/agent to hold the property for you

whilst you decide whether to take it or not. Exactly what has been agreed depends on the wording, but usually once you have paid a holding deposit the landlord/agency should not then show the property to other prospective tenants.

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