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Sample Contract\agreement wanted


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I have a new lodger moving in and wondered if anyone a sample agreement I could look at. I know they would be on a licence to occupy but I still prefer to have something in writing so we know what has been agreed in terms of amount of rent, when it's due, how much deposit. Up to now I have been just writing something down but I would like to get the correct terminlogy etc. I am also concerned not to give them more rights than they would have in this situation.

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I read the text below from one of the landlord website earlier (can't remember where now), hope it will be useful to you, you can also do a search at Google using 'Lodger Agreement'.


The cheapest agreement is the one you write yourself and should be fine, provided the lodger is living in your property with you in residence. It need only be very simple, along the lines of:

(your name) agrees to (lodgers name) living at (property address) from (date) to (date). The rent is (amount). The notice required to end this agreement is.(need only be reasonable, so could be one week or one month). The agreement entitles (name of lodger).to use of one bedroom with lockable door and have shared use of the bathroom, kitchen and lounge.

Add a sheet with any restrictions you may wish to impose - no smoking, no pets, perhaps even no overnight guests. And add something about the arrangement regarding bills.

You could also add something about rent arrears resulting in immediate notice being given.

You both need to sign the agreement. Get a witness and both keep a copy.

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