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Letting in Scotland


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Hi all,

Thinking of purchasing a BTL in Scotland and was wanting to find out a landlords responsibilities and also payment liabilities there.

For example i have heard that you have to register as a LL there, and as for the poll tax who is liable to pay this and any other costs. These are the things that i would like to know prior to purchasing in a new area so i can factor all my costs

any help and advice greatly appreciated


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Yes - in Scotland you / your agent have to register as a Residential Landlord - details on www.betterrentingscotland.com and links thereon - this at present is a once-off process but you will need ro add on new properties. There is a horrendous problem in the system recognising individual flats within a block eg is it GR, Ground Right, Flat A, Ground East etc etc..

Council Tax is usually tenants responsibility provided this is written into the lease. There seems to be some responsibility for the landlord to notify the Council within a month of new tenancy, as to who is responsible for Council Tax (it's also in your financial interests!).

We have a few comments on Landlord Registation on our Bulletin Board linked from most pages of our site www.letting-in-scotland.co.uk

Hope this helps.

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