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Stamp Duty Exempt


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Something I only found out recently is that there are lots of places that are exempt from Stamp Duty due to Disadvantages Relief Rules.

Worth considering if deciding on 2 properties in same town and save stamp duty on one but not on the other.

This should not be the only factor as need to do the homework as well but its something thats worth knowing.

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This is indeed the case. There are areas around the country covered by this rule, I believe this was to aid regeneration in these areas. However, not all properties in the 'Disadvantaged Areas' are exempt from Stamp Duty.

For residential property:

Value of Property %Stamp Charge

0 - 150k 0% (It is 0 - 125k for non-disadvantaged areas)

150k - 250k 1% (125k - 250k " " )

250k - 500k 3% (250k - 500k - ie. same as non-disadvantaged)

over 500k 4% (same as non-disadvantaged)

So there is the potential to save your Stamp Duty Charge on lower-value properties, but once you hit the £150k mark there is no Stamp Duty saving. In reality, a property worth £150k would only save you £1,500 so it would not be the only factor in choosing an area to purchase a property.

There are also rates for commercial property.



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