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Have a property with new tenants just about to go in. Have had to get it redecorated, new shower, carpets etc after last tenants left. It was tired and needed a refresh rather than any damage so don't object as have new tenants lined up via Agency (they worth their fee).

Boiler has been playing up and Corgi engineer indentified it as a diverter valve which had failed.

He quite adamant that had checked with Worcester-Bosch original manufacturer and lots of suppliers that part no longer available (Boiler is 17 yrs old) and quoted £1800 + Vat to replace the boiler.

After asking Agency for details I took 30 minutes and that included a phone call to use the net to find the requsite part. Even Agency person took the trouble to search on ebay etc for parts following my suggestion.

Lazy engineer has probably just lost a lot of work via this agency because now they not sure whether his quotes are genuine or he just angling for unrequired work.

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If this "divertor valve" is part of the boiler itself and the boiler is 17 years old, it's a good time to upgrade to an up-to-date boiler which will meet current efficiency and emission standards. The Utilities offer good deals on this right now.

On the other hand if you mean the separate circuit divertor Y valve that switches between CH and HW (not usually part of boiler), it may only need a new actuator (motor ~ £40) which can be done DIY without draining. If it's obsolete then the whole valve will need replacing (~£70), necessitating draining the circuit to below valve level. However the port layout should match up making the replacement straightforward without pipe changes.

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