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Registering for Self Assessment


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Hi Guys

I thought this was easy, but nooooo.

I'd bought my first investment flat end of July 2006. Started let first week of September2006.

I'm in full time employment and never had to deal with Inland Revenue with self assessment or anything.

So I duly go to their website to register myself online. Got stuck on UTR - Unique Taxpayer Reference.

Sent them email and was told to call Online Helpdesk. They told me to call SA Helpline. They told me to call New SA Helpline. They told me to call 'local' Helpline and ask for Land & Property Self assessment Tax Return. 'Local' Helpline told me to call New SA Helpline to register for SA in order to get UTR no.

I told the last one (local helpline) that I've spoken to all the other helplines. He then advised me to write to HMRC in Edinburgh.

With each of these Helplines, I'd told them exactly this.

"I'm trying to register online for SA but I don't have a UTR. I'm in full time employment and have recently bought an investment flat which is being let."

Does anyone know the best way to tackle this?

Many thanks. Lena

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Hi Lena

I am sorry to hear that you have been passed from pillar to post on this, as it really is quite simple. Often though, the left hand doesnt talk to the right hand and I expect that is what has happened here!

The problem is you cannot register online until you have a UTR (10 digit self assessment tax reference).

1. Write to your local tax office explaining that they need to issue a UTR to you as you started to rent out a property. Explain that you will need a tax return starting with the tax year ended 5 April 2007 (this will be issued to you in April).

2. Once you have a UTR you can register to file your tax return online - go to the following link:


Follow the instructions - and make a note of your password - NOTE you will not be able to use this service immediately, you must wait for documents in the post

3. Within a week or so you will receive two separate envelopes - one is your user ID - keep this safe! It is always an odd mixture of letters and numbers and will be hard to remember. Go back to the website and finish the process, ie. you are now an 'existing user' (not a new user): https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/ssoin

Then, a) type in your user ID, B) and your password and finally c) the other envelope you receive in the post will be an activation pin - you only need this the first time you log in - type it in when prompted.

Once you are online, you can prepare and submit your tax return, check you statement of account etc etc



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