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Difficult situation


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This is not particularly a landlord query, but there are some very knowledgable people on here so I'll ask anyhow.

My girlfriends mother has a property which she has had for around 10 years now. She purchased this with her boyfriend. He subsequently left 4 years later and, although trying to chase him for maintenance and search via solicitors he has been untraceable.

Obviously she has now been paying the mortgage for 6 years on her own and wants the property in her name for many obvious reasons. She cannot transfer the mortgage and is therefore on the standard rate and also can never sell while his name is still on the deeds.

She earns about £9,500 a year so money is very tight and the savings by switching mortgages would be very welcome, especially as rates rise.

She has tried a list of about 10-15 solicitors who have all said they don't deal in this field, does anybody know what the rules are in this kind of situation and a name of a good solicitor who should be able to help and hopefully not cost too much?

Thanks for your time,


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Hi Mat

I think you may stuggle to find anyone 'cheap' due to the obscurity of the situation, I do have a number of very good solicitor contacts, but they would be market rate.



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This isn't my field and I'm talking straight through my hat, but if a joint owner walks away from a (joint?)mortgage responsibility, the mortgage company must surely have a case against him, like with a disappearing tenant.

Has the mortgage company been asked to provide some legal and financial help for the remaining payer?

This situation can't be that obscure.

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