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I have taken my BTL mortgage out with The Mortgage Works. The guy I dealt with was fantastic. He had some excellent fixed rates and some deals had cash back and free valuations.

My enquiry was quite complicated because I was remortgaging some existing properties and buying a new one. But he sorted it all out for me and got me a great deal meaning that I've saved quite a bit of money.

Hope you get sorted.

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100% mortgages - come and get them here !!!!

Depending on your circumstances you can get your 85% from a mortgage lender and the other 15% from credit cards and guess what ?

if you are smart the other 15% comes at 0% sound good -then go do - i know loads of people including me who have - with ridiculously huge sums of money ( see some of my other posts for details !)

If you struggle with credit cards cards then remortgage some of that equity out of your home - or are you saving it to give it to your kids when you die !!?(if you are then definately take the equity now -2 prop will produce more equity than one !-no excuses there then !)

also make sure you get an offset mortgage (see other posts) on your home when you remortgage.

Now none of your actual "cash" has been touched and you have your 100% mortgage.

Easy peasey !

what do you think?

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