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eviction of bad tenant


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Last February,2006, I rented a flat out to a young man who came to view the property with his mother.He gave me a reference from his last place he stayed and his mother assured me she would be checking up on him.I gave him a rent book and he signed a shorthiold tenancy agreement, which I was quite happy to continue with as long as there were no problems.All went well at first, till about 4 months ago he started getting a couple of days late with the rent,so I had a talk to him ,he said it was because he couldn't get down to my house due to his shifts so I agred to let him pay fortnightly.This eventually resulted in him being one week in arrears and still two or three days late. He has also given me cheques which have bounced,one just recently.He is now 7 weeks in arrears with the rent, and I have tried to contact him by letter and visit the property but he just ignores my letters and picks up the phone but says nothing!

My question is does the fact that I didn't get him to sign a new tenancy agreement when the original 6 months expired affect my rights as a lanlord?

Also whats the quickest way to evict him, I doubt I will get any money out of him.

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