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Landlord wasn't honest before and during move in


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Dear landlords

I have been lodging for the past 3 months, and have had a few issues with my landlord.

1 - I was assured there was internet in the property, however the connection is linked to his work studio down the yard, and doesn't reach the house. He says the provider won't provide another box and has been promising to find a solution for 3 months... still no internet.

2 - I was assured there was a power shower, only to find it wasn't working and there doesn't seem to be any chance of it being fixed soon. I don't mind about it... just don't advertise it and use it as a selling point when showing people round if it doesn't work.

3 - the landlord has just had a baby with his girlfriend, who was 7 months pregnant when I moved in. Now the child will apparently be visiting every weekend overnight, and I had never met the girlfriend nor knew of her situation until she miraculously appeared one weekend with the child! I literally had no idea and just found out he intends her to move in next year, despite me saying I intended to stay for at least 1-2 years.

The situation is complicated in that I've been offered a new job unexpectedly and have to relocate, and therefore end our contract early. I understand the landlord is entitled to ask for the remaining rent for the last 3 months, but I feel there is a breach of trust and contract as he hasn't been honest about his own life nor the living situation. Do I have a case here?

I get on well with him and don't want to be awkward. My new company will pay for relocation costs I just resent being lied to and don't like it when people I am supposedly living with aren't honest with me.

Thanks a lot. I understand lodgers' rights are much less than tenants' but there must be some leeway here I mean the situation is ludicrous!


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I am assuming you are renting a room in the landlords house? What deposit if any did you give him? How do you pay your rent - weekly or monthly, cash or bank transfer? If you pay weekly then give a weeks notice - if monthly give 1 months notice.

1. If internet was part of the deal then he is at fault. Have you tried getting either a 10M internet wire to trail between the access point and your room or one of those gadgets that turn cable internet into wifi - look on Amazon - about £30.

2. The landlord was wrong to advertise a power shower if it does not work.

3. His personal life within the house is nothing to do with you.

I would guess you want to leave. Speak with the landlord on this issues and try and arrange to leave paying as little as possible to him. Lodgers have less rights but that means you can walk away more easily - do it.

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