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How furnished is furnished?


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Newbie question so please be gentle......

Just about to rent out my first BTL property.

I see that there are tax deductions available for furnished properties rather than unfurnished. So my question then is 'How furnished is furnished?'

If I supply one bed only is that furnished? If I put a table and chairs in the property is that furnished? At what point does a house move from unfurnished to part-furnished to furnished for tax purposes?



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Hi Mark

You need to put in the basics, for example, white goods, lounge and bedroom funiture, curtains etc.

There is no set scale from unfurnished to furnished. part-furnished is not enough to warrant a wear and tear allowance.

hope that helps



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We are a national inventory company (http://www.inventoryclerk.com) and we tend to class a property as unfurnished up to including "white goods".

A sofa, bed and maybe a wardrobe or 2 with curtains and minor odds and ends is part-furnished and anything beyond as furnished.

We have a last category which is where a property is over furnished we may add extra fees.

I hope this helps

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