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I am going to be renting out one of my spare rooms, hopefully very soon. In the advert I placed I said that I required references and details of previous adresses as most respectable people would be willing to give those details over and would not worry about me contatcting previous landlords.

As I am going to be a 'resident Landlord' should I think about carrying out a credit check on who ever I rent to or just stick with using a rent book and the tenancy agreement.



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A credit check only takes a matter of minutes over the internet and is relatively cheap.

One example is letsure.co.uk - it charges around £14 for a basic credit check this will check for CCJs among other things.

Regardless of whether u want to do a credit check, you should ask to see any prospective lodger's photo ID, to make sure they are who they say they are.

If u DO want to check someone's credit, then you need a prospective tenant's date of birth and their home address(es) for the past five years. If they have CCjs they are more likely to knock you or leave owing alot of rent.

I'd also advise that you take 4 weeks deposit

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Thanks Reg.

I have drafted out a 'lodging agreement' (was going to call it a rental agreement but wanted to make sure it was clear they were only a lodger) which states a weekly rent amount, payable in advance, and currently 2 weeks rent on top as a security deposit, also payable in advance. I have also mentioned in the agreement that any rent arrears etc will result in immediate eviction.

I am also using a 'tenant application form' which asks for prior addresses etc.

As I am very new to this and have never done it before I hope I have covered everything.

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