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Agencys' fees paid but House is back on the market


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Hello everybody,

Let me explain our situation. I have a new job next to London (my partner and I currently live in Ipswich), so I must move closer to London in order that I am within a reasonable commuting distance.

First problem, we must break our contract with the agency which let us our current accomodation. They told us that if there are no new tenants we must pay the rent until the end of our contract (which I guess is fair enough)..Ok we have found guys for our house.. so problem solved?? Unfortunately they are dragging their heels with references (it is now 3-4 weeks since the guys have paid the fees) and one reference is missing . The agency seems not really that motivated to accelerate the process...

Second problem, at the start of december we have paid fees for a new house, under the assumption that we would be moving in in roughly 2 weeks. Well, as the guys that are moving into our old place are dragging their heels, this is going to be prolonged till the end of the month (30th Dec). Since we paid the agency fees at the end of November - this will have been only one month to complete the move.

Today we had a call from the new agency which told us than they will put the new house on the market for which we have paid the fees - unless we settle the deposit now!!!! This would mean that we would not get any of the deposit back (apparently). It would seem that they should give us a "reasonable amount of time" to complete the move - and not start threatening us with readvertising the house after 2 weeks - and therefore losing our administration fees??

I would like to know the right of the tenants in this conditions, because the fees were £200...

Thanks in advance for your help

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