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Renting to students


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Hi All,

I am a newbie to this site and think its a great site for starters like myself.

I am in the middle of purchasing a house which I hope to rent out to students. Its a two bed house but I am planning to turn the front lounge into a bedroom. The house has a ground floor and 1st floor.

I have received an student letting guide for landlords from the university which is located about 5 minutes from the house I hope to buy.

Can anyone give me a overall breakdown of what safety regulations is required in a student house? I am quite keen to know about fire doors. Would I need to have fire doors throughout the house and roughly how much do these doors cost? Where can you get them from? Also can someone explain how heat detectors work and if they are crucial to have in student houses?

Would like to hear from anyone who has been or is going down a similiar route of letting out to students.

Many thanks


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