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  1. Hi, I am currently renting a property that was introduced through a agent but not managed by them. My tenancy was for a 6 month period from the 2nd February 2010 onwards, I received a text message from my landlord a few weeks before the end of the 6 months asking if I was staying any longer, at this stage I was thinking about moving out with my partner and made a quick choice to say I was not staying. I then found it very hard to find a new property to move into and called my landlord to see if I was able to stay a little longer, he at this stage said I can take as long as I need and pay him weekly or monthly for the time I was staying. on the 10th September I received a call from him saying that someone was moving into the property on the 18th so I needed to be out. This came as a shock considering only a matter of days earlier I had spoken to him and he again said take as long as you need. I have since spoken to the new agency that is handling the property and asked how the new tenant knew they wanted the place as I had nothing to say that someone was coming to view it. I was informed at this stage that the agent showed the new tenant round on the 7th September. I know that there is a rule that says you have to give the current tenant 24 hours notice before any viewing, would I have the same rights considering my tenancy had technically ended but had been extended verbally?? please help lol
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