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  1. How do I take the agent to the small claim court (easy when done on line) for the deposit? Can you give me a link to the website or however it is done? Many thanks,
  2. Dear Speedtwin, You have gone very quiet. Please let me know if you know of other solicitors experienced in this area in Berks, Oxon, or Gloucs. Very grateful for your help.
  3. Hi Speedtwin, Many thanks for your comments and for mentioning a solicitor. Do you know of anyone with a lot of experience of dealing with overstaying tenants in the Oxfordshire area? Many thanks.
  4. Many thanks, Speedtwin. I asked the solicitor whether I could use my own money to register the deposit and then approach the letting agency for reimbursement. He said that it wouldn't work because it would not actually be the tenant's deposit. This does not make any sense to me. Would there be any precedent for this that you could cite? Thanks again.
  5. Hi Speedtwin: About your comment "It is now accepted that the agent can be taken to court for the x3 but it would depend on who the tenant named on the court papers," can you tell me where I can find the precedent that the agent can be taken to court for the x3 - because my solicitor does not know, but I could cite it for him. What do you mean about "who the tenant named on the court papers"? Very many thanks.
  6. Dear Speedtwin, Many many thanks for this excellent advice. Much better than what I have been getting from the solicitor. I was just on the point of finding the money to register the deposit myself when I heard about a new problem. A neighbour has told me that the tenant's flatmate told her that the letting agent also at some point offered the tenant an option to renew for a second year. Assuming tenant has taken up this option and now has an agreement for a second year through the agency, is my position completely hopeless? Or would the court say that since I did not agree to
  7. No, it doesn't begin with K. What happened in your case?
  8. My property is managed by a letting agency, which took a deposit from the tenant. They then registered it with an insurance-based deposit protection scheme, and, it appears, very deliberately, arranged for the registration to be invalid. I have talked with the scheme, and it cannot be corrected with them. The tenancy is ending and the tenant is two months behind with the rent. We have issued a Section 21 notice, but, as I have just discovered, we do not have the proof of deposit protection needed to go to court. I am advised that I can insist that the letting agency hand over the deposit
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