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  1. Poppy

    Water leak

    There is no damage to my property, when I mentioned damage to two properties it was an example to try to decipher what the policy wording meant. I have not been shown the damage to the flat below only that they will get a quote and send me the bill. I included the info re the insurance for advice as I was advised to check it to see who should pay the excess. I'm still not sure who should pay the excess based on the wording of the policy and hoping someone might advise before I go back to the management company.
  2. Poppy

    Water leak

    I have now received the policy, it is in the name of the company formed by the leaseholders and shows the excess of 500GBP, the policy wording is “The EXCESS stated in the CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE applied separately to each EVENT at each separate PREMISES” I’m not sure this means each leaseholder is liable or that the excess is applied to each event that happens at each separate premises, so if a leak affects two flats then there will be 2 excesses applied. What does anyone think?
  3. Poppy

    Water leak

    Yes we do have a letting agent who has said they shouldn’t have done any repairs without their or my authorization.
  4. Poppy

    Water leak

    Thanks for the replies. Bit more info to add to my original post. The management company were advised on 17th March the lower flat had a leak. I was only contacted on 7th April and arranged to allow access for it to be checked within a couple of days. My tenants tell me the plumber came in and said it was the condensate pipe and fixed and sealed it in 10 mins. Although my tenants were present they did not actually see the detached pipe and they tell me a few days before this there was a lot of noise from work being done in the flat below by the plumber who subsequently checked our boiler and s
  5. Poppy

    Water leak

    Thank you for this info, I have requested a copy of the insurance.
  6. I rent out a first floor flat. The management company of the building tell me that a leak from the boiler condensation pipe has caused some damage to the flat below and although covered by insurance there is a 500GBP excess that I will be liable for. The management company took 21 days to contact me following notification from the flat below and it was sorted within a couple of day of them notifying me. My questions are 1) should I be expected to pay this as they did not notify timeously? and 2) should the tenant bear some responsibility for ensuring everything is OK and notifying me if not?
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