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  1. Yes, we researched different parts of the city and soon realised that you need to pay more to get a house in the desirable area. Rents are higher and demand is always strong if you buy in the right place. Over the last 9 years we’ve bought 3 in the same street as we know they are well built and always sought after.
  2. Hi Carryon Regardless, It’s Carlisle, ex council but rest of estate privately owned and in the sought after end of town. Not an area which is classed as less affluent at all, very little unemployment and nice decent people on the whole. There is such a divide between prices in the far north of England and further down the country where the population fight for space to live. Believe it or not you can still buy a 2 bed terraced house in the poorer end of the north east where unemployment is high for 20k.
  3. Hi Richlist, No, I’ve never heard of the insurance (I’ve bought 3 houses over the last 9 years and have mainly had great tenants so I’m really still a novice and letting agencies have never mentioned it) and guarantors are not a thing in this area when letting property. Thank you, I’ll look into these options for next time.
  4. We are not talking London rents here. It is an immaculate 1940’s 3 bed semi with generous front and rear gardens in the north of England at £575 per month. He wanted to give me £400 which is an insult.
  5. Thanks for the prompt replies. There is one C2 on the certificate which needs attention, the rest are C3’s but it would have been nice to get everything in order for peace of mind. The tenants don’t have a guarantor but I have lodged their deposit with the TDS. Some good advice which I might try to put forward but his talk very quickly turned aggressive for no other reason than he thinks he can bully me into getting what he wants.
  6. My tenant is trying to force me to terminate his tenancy. (4 months early from a year’s tenancy) He said he would stay if I would reduce the rent by 30% and I refused. He is now unwilling to let my electrician gain entry during working hours to carry out remedial work on the electrics (fit new consumer unit) for the EICR unless I cancel the tenancy. He says he will sue me for having unsafe electrics. After much talk he is now only allowing entry to do this work through the night or weekends knowing that my electrician does not work these hours. Ive kept all text messages regarding this
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