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  1. It may come to nothing but adjacent to one of our BTL properties a Spanish company has an office and wants to rent it for staff long term. We have agreed and are very happy with a premium rent but they have now asked about buying instead. They have offered quite a bit more than we thought so we are not unhappy but they want us to pay an agent friend of theirs in Spain as the sales agent, it is no problem for us and seems a cosy internal arrangement for them and we are still considerably better off with the deal. Can we or rather our solicitor just pay an overseas agent direct?
  2. We have only catered for students and have generally gone up market and have had very good rental income. In one house this last year we provided smart TVs"/monitors in each room and included Internet connection. One year on and no problems and new intake for next year were pleading for a tennancy on the recommendation. Not all students are poor! With no furnishing offset to income nor capital the idea of renting in is not so silly, if it can be of ofset great and if it fits in with the term" provision of services wholly concerned with letting" I was hoping to squeeze it through. Hence the qu
  3. We have received an offer to rent the furniture and fittings from a company for our buy to lets and the new ones we propose. We are assured that we can not furnish a place from new and write it off against income (does it really became capital?) whereas hiring the furniture is 100% allowable against income. Any ideas? Actually sounds good and the costs are actually not so great and it includes replacement insurance
  4. My brother, resident in Cyprus has an Estate Agent who asked to be able to offer our BTL property which we had for sale in the UK for sale himself. He wanted 5% commission which we thought excessive but as he marketed the property at a price over what we asked so we thought why not, no extra cost to us. We have accepted an offer and anticipate exchange very soon, on completion our lawyers required the Agents details in order to remit the commission as agreed. Can I authorise this payment in full,? Is there any requirement for withholding some of the payment by the UK tax authorities?I should
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