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  1. Thanks for all advice noted- i have paid tenants full deposit , could anyone confirm that they cannot come for the x 4 rent ????? Or is it over now.
  2. I have repaid the tenants in full. My thoughts are to pursue them through the small claim court for damage etc. But on the other hand I think I should just forget it and at least I have closure albeit an expensive one.
  3. yes I did and they stated to me that they would rectify all the problems before they left but they did not....
  4. yes indeed lesson learnt , deposit returned . will seek legal advice. Thanks, great forum.
  5. Thank you for your reply, could I not agree with them to meet them half way on the costs?
  6. Hi there , I am a new user and I have a problem....My tenants of 22 months have left my house but they have left it in a right state, in so much as toilet hanging off, light socket and wall sockets broken and it was dirty . I have my tenants deposit which I stupidly did not protect but I have the £800 pounds which I could return to them. total costs for clean is £540 , plus other works comes to just over the £800. I do not want to cause problems so happy to swallow the excess but could I keep the deposit or will the tenants take me to court for not protecting deposit? Any advice would be muc
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