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  1. It's been nagging me that Landlords own property, the internet exists, yet landlords have access to only Gumtree online. It would be interesting to poll what other landlords do: 1. Use an agent (paying % of rent - if you're inclined, do share what you pay) 2. Use an online agent (paying fixed fee - also do share £ amount) 3. Gumtree and/or Spareroom 4. Other? I'll compile the results into something neat after a few days. Thanks, Rayhan
  2. This forum is amazing. It says Residential Landlord on the door, yet inside it's full of agents (traditional and online). I really wanted to see a thread on genuine experiences of people using online agents. Instead I find blinkered estate agents not understanding why the long list of things they do for their fee is not of interest to landlords who self-manage. The fact of the matter is agents used to do marketing and managing; but now Rightmove does the marketing. So if Rightmove does the marketing, we're obviously looking to get our properties on Rightmove. Whether
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