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    Damp and Freeholder Liability

    Thanks everyone for your replies - really helpful. I will request details of the insurance and lease stating this from the Freeholder (they are a fairly large, private property management company dealing in commercial and residential properties) - they in-turn employ a Block Management company to manage the properties. I sense it is the contact in the block management company that is less experienced in these matters.
  2. SJB123

    Damp and Freeholder Liability

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, 'ripped up' is probably a bit strong - it's more that the company is not going to accept any liability for damaging them so is covering themselves - I am perfectly happy if they can be lifted and refitted - a steam clean is going to be a lot less than new carpets. I did question the plaster forming part of the building but they had said this is covered by contents insurance. With regards to the rental income etc - the letting agent will not market the property and classes as inhabitable as it's a potential health hazard and they will not knowingly list with the issue. I was thinking about this the other way round - if I had carried out maintenance that damaged any part of their building I am sure this would be a different story. I will take a close look at the lease. Thanks again
  3. Hi Everyone, My first time posting on here so apologies if this is covered or in the wrong place. I am the leaseholder of a flat which I rent out - as is usual, we don't own the outer building and pay maintenance and service charges. I had been renting out the flat but had always had a fairly minor damp issue - some flaking paint on a wall that would be periodically re-painted. I decided as we had a break in tenants to get it properly investigated as it seemed to be getting worse. 3 surveys confirmed there was rising damp with a defective Damp Proof Course and the pointing on the outer 2 walls was letting in moisture. The freeholder has agreed with the findings and will take on the work, but has said the following is not their responsibility: Carpets (around 8 months old, will need to be ripped up for the work) Re-plastering the interior walls which need to be chipped away to carry out the work Repainting 2-3 months loss of rent Council Tax I have contacted Direct Line who have said this is not insurable as caused by a 3rd party who have admitted liability. Does anyone have any experience of this and know what the precedent is? Many thanks