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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My first time posting on here so apologies if this is covered or in the wrong place. I am the leaseholder of a flat which I rent out - as is usual, we don't own the outer building and pay maintenance and service charges. I had been renting out the flat but had always had a fairly minor damp issue - some flaking paint on a wall that would be periodically re-painted. I decided as we had a break in tenants to get it properly investigated as it seemed to be getting worse. 3 surveys confirmed there was rising damp with a defective Damp Proof Course and the pointing on th
  2. Being a landlord i spend a lot of money dealing with damp problems, even more money sending out damp specialist just to tell my tenants its condensation and all they need to do is open the windows !! most of the time the tenant ignores this advice and asks for a second opinion ! feeling distraught i searched the internet for options and found a company called prunique manufacturing a product called wet wall warning. The wet wall warning is designed to identify and alert tenants to the presence of damp. I bought 25 costing me about £50 and fitted them through-out the property proving to my tena
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