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  1. hi every one i have a small building company .start2finish building services . sounds like i might be able to help mike 07595497759
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    Agent fees

    hi jaybag thanks for the update. fingers crossed. cheers mike
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    Agent fees

    hi this is my first post so hello .. in regards to getting your money back have you signed any contracts which allow them the right to keep your money ..i feel this is a little strange .you could call them acting like you would like to use there services and slowly get to the point where you could use your example to see what they say (dont tell them it is you make up a name ).what has worked for me in the past is call them and tell who ever you are talking to that you are recording this message for training porposes they will give you your money back .if they say what for reply watch dog reviewing rouge landlords and letting agents .it will work .... good look please let us know how you get on cheers mike
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