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  1. I guess there are tenants who makes duplicate copies of their keys. Sorry for this question but, do you use same locks for your doors? Yes, another disadvantage.
  2. China is really constantly evolving and I should say that they are already making their name in the world. I know they think that they can still improve themselves by adapting this type of technology. Well' let's just watch and learn from them. This is of a great risk.
  3. I agree with Mel. You should first inform your tenants that their are complains regarding their doings in your house. This might help them realize that they are just too much. The explain to your neighbors that you are still informing your tenants about their concerns.
  4. If you are going to exchange locks every other tenants then I think you can increase security since you'll have different locks from time to time.
  5. As what I have suggested above. I'll go for this option. T1.
  6. Since you have paid all of them when you move in, you can take them with you. But be sure to explain it also to your Landlord.
  7. It will all depend on the type of tenants you have. But to be sure, sparing locks is also an advantage since it will increase you homes security between tenants themselves.
  8. In my own opinion, T no. 1 is of advantage. Since her mother is residing nearby, you can talk to her immediately if problem arises. Aside form that, there is also a big possibility that T can stay in your apartment for long. Which of course could add up in your income.
  9. I agree with Mortitia. You should take those advice since you are with your landlady living with you and 1 month is really long enough for that.
  10. Yes that is right. If I were to ask, there should be a check in and check out inventory before they can actually have that claim. Those things also has depreciation costs and I think that's a part of their investment.
  11. That's another thing TonyW. Charging them of any appliances that you might have in your apartment is also a nice suggestion. Though it is an additional charge for the T, I think they will understand your purpose. But you can actually leave them the choice. Whether you, to provide the machine for them or not or to buy their own appliances.
  12. Well, for me it would be a great help in your case since you can really conserve energy in using it. Do ask questions to them immediately if you are interested and see if you can trust them. Since it is from local authority then I think its not a con.
  13. From your portfolio, it signifies that you are good at what you are right now. You have made good decision for yourself. Regarding your business, I'll go and check it out later. Good luck also to that!
  14. You might also try that Mel. At least it would be less burden to you if are going to make something wrong in their own appliances. I know if its your own appliances, you won't do something weird with it and might handle it with care always since it would be a great expenses again if you won't.
  15. Glad to hear that, we are wishing you the best. You are doing everything right so you don't have to worry.
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