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  1. Thanks for the replies. Sure enough my gut instinct was right .... I've just been informed by the Council that it was a fraudulent claim. I will now have to pay back a substantial sum as the tenant wasn't entitled to it. Oh the joys of being a Landlord, think its time to think about whether its worth the hassle.
  2. I have long term tenants (a married couple with children) who have split up. He has left the property and she has been claiming HB. I have been paid direct as the tenant is useless with money. Is it in my interests to issue a new tenancy agreement in her name only, as she is claiming as a single parent. The husband moved out last year to live with a family member but its just around the corner. Its all very convenient (back gates almost adjacent) and I am worried that if he is in fact living at the property, I'm going to be the one to lose out. Has anyone had any experience of this type of situation?
  3. Thanks for your reply COR,it is exactly what one of the solicitors told me (provided that no new AST's have been issued), However the other solicitor said that it could be considered a new agreement if at the end of the fixed term, the tenancy became a periodic tenancy. If this happened after April 2007, there could be a problem when issuing a Section 21. Thats why I was wondering if anyone had info on whether a precedent had been set yet for a case like this. Richlist says he knows the answer. Perhaps he could be so kind as to enlighten me?
  4. Thank you for your answer. To clarify, I have been to a Landlord's property expo where there were stands with solicitors, agents etc. vying for our business. I asked a couple of them this same question and received two completely differerent answers. I thought I might throw it out to other landlords on a forum in the hope that someone might just wish to pass on their experience/knowledge.
  5. Does anyone know if a precedent(sp?) has been set regarding the deposit protection scheme. My tenants moved in before April 2007 so it wasn't necessary to register their deposit. Had a few bumpy moments with these tenants but stuck with them. However, if I do need to issue a section 21, what would be my legal position regarding the unregistered deposit. Have had 2 different answers from 2 property lawyers so a bit confused.
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