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  1. Its a short term residential uk rental, as it was under 6 months initially I dont think its termed an AST. My gripe is that this was agreed in writing by tenant to be extended 2 months in advance, but at the time of signing and requesting rent they renegaded and left, so there seems to be no answer as to whether 'an extension' of a contract that was originally signed needs to be signed again..Ive heard that some rental agreements are binding without renewed signature (as I have in writing agreement to extend at a specific monthly rent). Hope this helps, also the installation of phone was key to the rental being confirmed...thus expense outlaid (fine if rental continues) but now a waste of money as tenant changed mind as soon as equipment installed.
  2. I had a 24week rental agreement which was signed, then tenant requested to stay on with a 8 month extension and agreed in writing but they did not sign the extension, they then shortened extension to 2 months before cancelling all together at very short notice (8 days). Are they still liable for a cancellation fee which was shown on extension contract, or for forthcoming rent payment? Any suggestions / references, thanks. also tenant requested a 2nd landline phoneline and handset was installed as condition of extended rental, no charge was intended having agreed to rental but then having cancelled after installation are they liable for any of cost?
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