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  1. Thanks Vin vin, taking just that facts into account. The sales commission is in dispute as they did not do a complete job. I am not saying I will not pay , just disputing the amount. The sales and Letting agents although the same name are different registered companies so the are in breach of data protection by passing each other information. With regards to letting of existing property, the tenants have been informed of the issue, they have paid the first two months rent but the letting agent will not pass this on to me, and will not respond. Looks like the only option I have is the solicitor, unless you can suggest anything. Thanks Gary
  2. Thank Mark Will do, but what if Tenant wont pay me direct???
  3. HI Everyone, new to the site but not so new to letting. I have a major issue with the letting agent. I bought two properties from them and have sold a property through them so there is a long..ish standing relationship here, no emotions this is business. The letting agents, let my property to an unsavoury charecter, shall we say! thats not really the issue!!! They recommended him and did not set up direct debit to get his payments. Each time I complained, because he was late paying, they got more cash from him but still did not set up direct debits. more complaints, still no DD set up. All tenants docs are false, all could have been identified if they have set up direct debits. etc. I think they could be in on the scam..... Basically tenant, did a runner, agents did not advise me of late payment on numerous occasions etc. so well out of pocket. I also sold a property through them, and have refused to pay sales commision, as they screwed up and owed me thousands. I know at this point they should have been kicked into touch. I have new tenant in through them as they asked if they could have one more chance (stupid me agreed), now they are withholding rent.....???. as they want sales commison paying. I have tenant in I cant really do anything about, as they are paying ok. Summary, agents breched contract and false documents and process etc, all breech of contract, withme out of pocket big time I will pay commison when I get re imbursed for letting cock up. They are now wothholding rent, because I owe commison, so they are in breech of this agreemnent also. Any suggestions appreciated on how best to deal with these people. I know I should kick my own backside. cheers folks.
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