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  1. Hi there Just after a little feedback for you guys. I've moved into my flat just over three weeks ago and have'nt been having a good time of it. I live in a converted house that has four flats ABCD, and BCD are owned by a different landlord. Before I moved into my flat, i asked my landlord what the neighbours are like and he said yeah theres no problems with any off them. so after the first week I was talking to the guy in flat B and he was telling me that all the people that have lived in my flat hav'nt stayed more than 6 months! and does'nt know why. Then I found out that the landlord of the other 3 apartments lives In D just through friendly chat with him, and he was saying the same as the other tenant in flat B that no-one stays in my flat long then he proceeded to tell me about the guy in flat C above me. That he likes abit of a drink and always forgets his keys to the main door and his flat door. So by the end of the first week i was introduced to the guy in flat C completely legless and banging on the front door to get in. So i just ignored him and he managed to let himself in and sang asloud as he could in the public hallway and finally managed to reach the top of the stairs and I'm guessing he could'nt open his door as he kept singing for afew hours and then finally fell asleep. So I thought I'll have a word with his landlord and he told me that this guy is a really nice guy that has just split up from his wife (a year ago) and is going throught a hardtime, and he drinks abit to get through it and he's always at his door asking to be let into his own flat, which he said he found a pain in the backside.So Mon to friday came guy in flat C was legless all week but the week went without a problem and then on saturday I went outside for a smoke and I bumped into the guy from Flat C again legless, but this time he spoke to me and started shouting at me to shutup (tho I never said anything to him) so I just walked back into my flat and heard the front door being banged on. so I went and opened the door by this time He was now telling me he loved me and I was his friend and off he went upstairs. Then 5mins later I got the music blasting out of his flat and him singing asloud as he could. So I tryed to speak to his landlord but he does'nt seem to be around. So the next night everything was quiet and I just started heading to my bed at about 1:20am then all off a sudden my doorbell started going, so I ignored the first one until it kept ring and ringing and then I went to the door and it was the guy in flat C locked out again. So to say the least I aint really to best pleased with the guy above me cause over the last few weeks he's been drunk nearly everynight and it doesnt seem to be a issue for anyone else but I live below him and have to suffer his banging about/music and loud tv, Ive spoke to the guy and he said if he's making to much noise just to bang on the ceiling but it does'nt work. I also suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis so really need my rest but find I'm getting to stressed over this guy. So I was wonder what you guys think am I reading to much into this and need to chill or should I just say something to my landlord as after my 6months contract is up I'm outta here!
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