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  1. Hello, thank you for your replies, very helpful. I'm just looking to cover my own contents that form part of the furnished, let property - sofa, beds, tables, kitchen appliances, garden furniture and tools etc, not those of the tenant. I also I have a small amount of personal belongings stored in my attic (as I am currently living abroad) to which the tenants do not (should not!!) have access. I'll take your advice and do some more research into what my current buildings insurance company can offer- hopefully they will provide something since my co-policy owner (the owner of the other maisonette) is not keen on changing providers! thanks again, Anna
  2. Hi all and happy new year! Hoping someone can shed some light... I own a top floor, furnished maisonette that forms part of the freehold. The other property is the maisonette below me. We share buildings insurance but our contents insurance policies were held with other companies. When I started letting my property 2 years ago, I informed my contents insurance company of the change of situation and they took note and no further action was required. When I called them yesterday to renew/review my policy, they told me that since last year the policies had been rewritten and that they would be unable to reinsure me on a landlord's contents-only policy. Obviously I wouldn't be able to buy buildings and contents as then I would be double insured on buildings. So at the moment I am contents cover-less and not sure where to go from here. I'm pretty sure most specific landlord insurance companies (homelet etc) only provide buildings and contents insurance. Does anyone have any experience of this or have any advice for me please? Thank you Anna
  3. hi Mark thanks for the quick reply and the advice! the property is just 2 "maisonettes" and it's myself and my neighbour in the downstairs flat who share the freehold equally. She is aware that i want to let my flat and has no problem with it but thought perhaps we would need to formalise it. If we both agree (and the terms of my mortgage allow letting) then i'm hoping there should not be a problem! would you suggest I speak to a solicitor to find out? i don't have any documentation outlining any sub-clauses and i can't make head nor tail of the huge folder my neighbour has lent to me to trawl through! thanks again! Anna
  4. hi i was wondering if anyone knew if there was any issue with letting a property that has the share of freehold? Would i have to get any new documentation drawn up that says that the landlord (ie me) will not be the one living in the flat? i am about to let my property and someone mentioned that there may be an issue. any advice much appreciated! thanks Anna
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