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  1. Thanks for that, my experience has been with splined stems. So the general advice is take the existing handle to your supplier and ask for a ceramic insert with a stem that matches the handle, or plan to buy a new handle that matches the stem on the new cartridge.
  2. I agree with Chestnut clean and reassemble is always worth a try. With replacement, cartridges, the challenge is to match the spline on the spindle with the handle. The splines are not standard, so you may want to get a matching handle at the same time as the cartridge.
  3. Thanks for your comments. Mortita, the service may appear to be free, but they do keep OUR interest until their costs are covered. There seems to be no DPS ombudsman. I have been working through their complaints process which as Mortita says takes time and today received the following statement from them on who regulates them; Quote from DPS complaints handler, email dated 29aug13. We are not regulated by the Financial Ombudsman Service. Computershare Investor Services (CIS) has been appointed by HM Government as a provider of custodial deposit protection scheme services (The DPS). However, as it is a Government contract our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory approvals do not extend to the activities undertaken in relation to The DPS. Having said that, because CIS is a regulated company we do seek to treat all our customers equally and fairly irrespective of whether they relate to our regulated activities. The complaint procedures are therefore consistent across all our business lines. End quote from DPS complaint handler. It seems 'Yes Minister' is alive and well with DPS as judge and jury with no recourse. Note the above quote is not consistent with the boiler plate text at the end of DPS emails which says: "Computershare Investor Services PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Registered Office: 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS." Grampa and Cor. Agreed I can chase the tenants and fix it that way if the tenants are helpful. But why should I have to do all the work and carry the risk of non compliance and upset tenants when I acted correctly in good faith and its the DPS computer that made at least two basic mistakes. * DPS ignored the bank reference info accompanying the transfer and auto-allocated the deposit to the wrong tenant, * DPS failed to note I had multiple open deposits for the same amount which should have triggered an email to me requesting additional information or manual allocation. The DPS process noted by Fyldeboy is fine for one deposit, but my problem was multiple payments were submitted in a time sequence that differed from the order in which the target deposits were created. "illegitimi non carborundum"
  4. The problem. [details changed to protect the innocent] According to the DPS computer, I have tenant A with a £500 confirmed deposit when he should have £250, and tenant B with no confirmed deposit when he should have £500. DPS has not fixed this, so tenant A is a happy bunny and I am at risk if tenant B turns nasty about his deposit. How it happened. 1. Two tenants A & B each committed for a deposit of 500. Tenant A paid an initial 250 towards his deposit of 500 and tenant B paid the full 500. 2. In the DPS system I created a deposit named A for £500 and a deposit named B for £500 [note the time sequence; A then B] 3. Next day I remitted 500 from my bank with the reference B and a few minutes later remitted 250 with the reference A. [Note the time sequence; B then A] 4. The DPS computer ignored my bank references and auto-allocated the first payment [500 sent with reference B] to the first deposit [A] and notified tenant A he has 500 protected. 5. The DPS computer put the second payment [250 sent with reference A] into my DPS account awaiting allocation instructions. I protested to DPS and after multiple email exchanges over the past two months have established; * The DPS computer ignores ALL reference details that accompany a bank transfer. * If multiple deposits are open, a received amount is allocated to the earliest deposit with the same value. DPS says * its my fault because I failed to sent payments in the same order as I created the deposits. * having explained the situation as above, DPS consider the matter closed and do not intend to correspond with me further regarding this particular issue. * the only way to get back their 250 overpayment to tenant A is to use the deposit repayment procedure which requires tenant A to agree. I say * DPS should not ignore the reference detail accompanying a transfer as this is unprofessional and does not match the performance standards expected from a serious financial institution. * I submitted the 500 deposit for tenant B in good faith and with a clear reference, so they should credit his a/c, and tell him his deposit is protected, and protect me if tenant B turns nasty about his deposit. Questions; What should I do now? Is there an ombudsman with jurisdiction to resolve the dispute? Thanks for bearing with my problem. GnA.
  5. Richlist, I agree one can buy cheap and change every 2 years, BUT the space on the wall never matches, so that wall needs to be repainted and then the other wall looks drab...... Chestnut, I have been planning to seal the edges on the next cupboard before installing it. I also plan to paint the edges and backs of the mirrors in the hope that would stop the breakdown of the reflector. Graeme.
  6. Hi, I dont have much luck with bathroom wall cabinets. - humidity causes melamine casings to split at the seams - mirrors start to deteriorate around the edges within about 2 years - 'Stainless' steel cabinets from screwfix are showing signs of rust after 2 years I would appreciate comments from others on better ways to work with this problem?
  7. I use DPS and routinely notify my tenants by copy of the DPS receipt emails. But the recent RLA notice of things I should be doing has me appalled at the waste of time and effort. Is it really true that for EACH tenant, I must print the deposit details plus 11 PAGES of DPS conditions and get a signed receipt they have been received ? Why not send a text or email with a web link to the information ? If I must print the DPS 11 pages, can I do it once for each flat and put it in the flat information booklet ?
  8. Many thanks for your comments. Tomorrow, I meet a painter on site to get his thoughts and will definitely try the suggestion of IsabelM. Thanks.
  9. Our long term tenants have a very full flat and have asked me about repainting. The Lounge-dining room could be done half at a time by moving stuff around. The smaller items like videos and books could be boxed and put in the outside hallway for the duration. But I fear but the bedrooms would be almost impossible. They are good tenants and we are happy to pay for the decorating. Guidance on how to respond would be greatly appreciated. Also any recommendations on how to get a painter in the Southwark / Walworth area would be useful. Thanks.
  10. The previous response is correct. This case is not a tenant who rents the whole property, its a lodger who rents a room and shares other facilities. Rent-a-room which has special tax breaks [up to £4,250 a year tax-free] and does not require deposit protection. General info. http://www.direct.gov.uk/MoneyTaxAndBenefi...&chk=mGasop I recommend this university site has a comprehensive set of notes and advice you can download . http://www.housing.lon.ac.uk/new_database/.../Notes02-03.pdf I also bought their £6 pack and used the included legal agreement for my daughters rent-a-room lodger. Good luck.
  11. DPS promise to return interest earned, "after deduction of DPS operating costs", so I asked How Much?. My questions and DPS answers from <enquiries@depositprotection.com> May07. DPS policy statment. The DPS is funded entirely by the interest earned on deposits submitted. After deduction of The DPS' agreed operating costs interest will also be returned to agents, landlords and tenants on any proportion of the deposit they are entitled to retain at the end of the tenancy. This interest will be paid at the rate equivalent to the base rate of the Bank of England less 2.32 percent (in accordance with Statutory Instrument 2007 No. 798, The Housing (Tenancy Deposits) (Specified Interest Rate) Order 2007). Question1. Your web site says fees are taken out of interest earned and also that returned deposits will include interest. Please tell me the amounts for total interest and fees taken on a deposit of £1000. Answer1. As the base rate changes it is not possible to say how much interest will be returned on £1000. Question2. Please tell me what are the actual or forecast 'DPS agreed operating costs' for the next 12 months. Answer2. ... the DPS is not obliged, under the terms of the contract awarded by the Communities and Local Government, to supply the information requested. Comment. Sounds like a license for DPS to increase costs without limit and in secret until the available money is all gone. Any volunteers to try freedom-of-information on the body that awarded such a nice contract . . .
  12. gnawood


    In the case of a macerator, instruct the user what should not be put into it and you should be OK. Believe me, blockages, slow emptying etc, caused by baby liners, tampons etc are obvious, as the evidence is there when the unit is opened up for repair.
  13. A quick summary seems to be; iGuarantee is an insurance scheme avoiding the need for deposits. Tenants pay £50 to join to the scheme which verifies they are credit worthy etc. tenants also pay £5 per month (each?) to stay in the scheme. ie £60 pa. Based on this, Landlords is covered for loss and does not need to take deposits. Pluses; + tenants don't have to find deposits, instead pay £60 pa. + solves the issue of credit checks as these are done by iGuarantee. Minuses; - for structural damage could claim on building insurance anyway - claims will involve an insurance company and in my experience they are not fast or neutral Queries; - how long will the settlement process take and will it delay repairs and re-letting ? - what arbitration is available, how fast and what cost ? - If multiple tenants, do they all have to be in the scheme, or only one of them ? - Are tennants application fees refunded if they are not accepted ?
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