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  1. Is that something that I have to arrange or does the ins company do it?
  2. Hey everyone, My tenant called tonight to say that she had come back from a shift and found that the house was covered in water and that there was a leak in the bathroom (House is a two up two down). I sent my husband down to have a look and see what he could do, but it appears that her dog had chewed through the flexi hose leading to the toilet and the main copper pipe leading into the bathroom. It must have been leaking all day as the floor down stairs was covered in about an inch of water, the leak has also soaked the fuse box (so no electrics), it has come through the floor so the ceilings in the hallway and kitchen are ruined, the walls are soaking (all plasterboard), the electric boiler has also had water running over it so that has blown also. Basically the house is un-livable. So I have contacted my insurance company to see what can be done and what will be covered. They are hopefully contacting me back. My question is, where do I stand on re-housing? The tenant is a private tenant so she will probably need to find somewhere else to live. Am I liable for this cost even though her bloody dog has caused the issue? Help me guys I don't really know what to do as I have never been in this situation before. Any advice is gratefully appreciated.
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