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  1. It's protected under Mydeposits, so I hold the money myself.
  2. Another quick question. We are going to refund their deposit, but can we hold back the arrears that they owe? Or will this just muddy the waters further down the line if they refuse to move out (as I suspect they will).
  3. Thanks for this. The one sticking point for the tenant seems to be the gas safety. If it doesn't cover when they moved but is valid now until April 19, will the section 21 still be valid? I'm happy to return his deposit and I have all the other paperwork, I just don't want to get tripped up again by the lack of gas safety on day 1.
  4. There were two mistakes. The gas safety had lapsed, I think mostly due to the fact that a new boiler had been installed a year before and they hadn't altered when they thought it was due. There is one in place now, but it was a few months late. Also, the deposit wasn't protected in time. I know it is a complete mess, but I just want to try and put everything straight. I was hoping that if I started afresh I could re protect the new amount of deposit and move forward. If I can't do that then I really don't know what else to do.
  5. Hi, I have a rather complicated situation whereby my letting agent has not complied with all the necessary paperwork when taking on a tenant 12 months ago. We wanted to serve a section 21 as it is now a periodic tenancy, but have been prevented from doing so because of these mistakes. The tenant is being very difficult and abusive even though we have sacked the agent and are trying our best to resolve the mistakes. We would like to start a new 6 month AST (at a slightly reduced rent to make amends) so that we can make sure everything is correct and above board, giving us the chance to re-serve a section 21 four months in. My question is, what do we do if they refuse to sign a new AST? It would seem in their interests as it will reduce the rent, but I'm not sure they'll co-operate. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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