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  1. I have just received one month’s notice from tenants via letting Agency under ‘periodic tenency’ Terms. This is the first time I have let a property and the tenant’s have been there for 3 years. Could you please advise what I should be doing in time before they leave (27 Sept). The Agent is askin whether we want to re- let but I feel I would like to change Agents as they didn’t keep to the inspection frequency as laid out in their contract and haven’t been that helpful. I am also due to go on holiday 2 Sep for one month so will be out of the country. Would br grateful for any advice. Regards Himari
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied - much appreciated. Happy to keep tenant if they agree to a rent increase but would like to change LA as I have lost confidence in them. Their strategy is now to chase me up on contractor I have sourced for repairs to be carried out. Tenant is aware.and happy to wait for contractor who has a back problem.
  3. Have had current tenant for two years managed by Agent (although I arrange any repairs to be done). According to agreement with Agent, inspections should be carried out quarterly. Sometime ago I asked the Agent to check the garage which is separate to the house, (there is a door inside the garage to get to the back) only because a contractor mentioned the tenant had told him the back couldn’t be accessed through the garage. Following an inspection on 17 July the Agent sent photos of repairs needed to decking at the back and also inside the garage. The photos of the garage showed the brick walls draped with blue cloth, Lino on the concrete floor, a couple of hard back chairs in front of mirrors, one hairdryer on a stand and a large glass cupboard full of bottles of product together with a poster of hairstyles. The Agent told me wife of tenant had completed a beautician course and used it for ‘practice’. Following my concern on how this impacts on building insurance, the Agent has produced a signed written confirmation from the tenant stating the garage is not being used as a business.On another occasion a contractor who was giving an estimate for new backdoor, needed to use toilet and walking through lounge had to get past double bed with sleeping girl. Agent strongly denied seeing a double bed during her inspection and resented me taking contractor’s word over hers.Subsequent photos of lounge show only 2 sofas - but Agent is still reluctant to consider that these could be opened out into beds. And has never stated what the tenant had to say about it. Eventually the Agent has said the tenant purchased an air bed and ‘could’ have been trying it out.After checking my records, I have found only four inspections carried out in total, the last one being June 2017. Has the Agent breached the terms of the agreement?I am now very dissatisfied with the Agent who seems to be working against us and would like to change (3 months’ notice required). Tenant OK to stay but need to increase rent (which has not been increased since they moved in) and would like the garage to revert back to being a garage.Can you please advise how to proceed in terms of timing and if I should be concerned about garage.Sent from my iPadSent from my iPad
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