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  1. Richlist, You may not be interested in this I just thought it may be of help. You are true with what you say and not everything will work for everyone but you don't know until you try. There is no harm in contacting someone about an opportunity as that is what this is an opportunity, I appreciate you may not agree with it/like it but its a product that does help and its hassle free. I did it because I love an easy life.
  2. Hi Mortitia, As I advised in my message this is simply a helping hand. I have seen by looking through forums like this very one that us as landlords have numerous problems with tenants & property management. I have personally dealt with them and had a good experience, there is no harm enquiring, if your not interested then that's fine but lets not be negative. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I have noticed on this forum that many of us are having trouble with tenants and other issues relating to letting your property. I've gone through this website and they do everything from giving a condition guarantee to paying you 12 months rent up front. I have posted the link below and they have a contact box where you can enquire, their customer service is excellent and they got things moving really quickly, following my experience I have referred friends and their experiences have been as good as mine. http://letsgetletting.wixsite.com/letitgo I hope this is of help.
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