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  1. Im currently filling in my tax return.I have five rental properties and have done my tax returns myself.2010-2011 tax year i sold a house and had a 10k loss. my question is can this be claimed against income tax profit for the same year or is it offset against any future capital gains Thanks
  2. You need to issue a section 21 with the correct dates on ie 2months notice dated 4/6/10 to 5/8/10 If you give notice on 4th June, and wanted property back on 4th August, this could be deemed as less than two months, because if the agreement started on the 4th then technically the 4th would be one day less than two months. So, you must serve notice on the 4th June, at the latest to get property back by 5th August, to cover yourself. Send a covering letter explaining you will attend the property at 12pm on day of expiry to collect keys and inspect the property
  3. Just had a carpet fitted which was first class and very good rates. I would highly recommend this guy Norman 07919434760
  4. Many thanks Spoke to Brian and booked,a reasonable price also.
  5. Hi Could anyone recommend someone who can carry out a couple of cp12's in Wallsend/Newcatle at a reasonable price.I have 6 houses so would be a regular occourrence Many Thanks
  6. Is it best to use a solicitor or can this be done myself Thanks
  7. I issued a Section 21 to a tenant who was on a AST.She has been at the property for a year but has paid no rent for 9 weeks and refuses to pay rent or move out as the council will not provide a house.Could someone advise on the next step to recover my property and provide a rough timescale Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Could anyone recommend a good and reasonable heating engineer in Newcastle to service and repair my rental properties Thanks in advance
  9. Im about to issue a Section 21 to my tenant as i require the property back.The tenant has lived there a few years and has been on a rolling contract.The tenant has approached the council for a house and was told to take the section 21.Im going to give her the notice on Monday 11th May and just want some advice on which date i should state i require the house back as sometimes the council are funny if its not dated properly.I was going to put i require the property back on 11th July which is two months(61days) from the issue date.Any help would be appreciated
  10. Thanks Rodent The flooring was about 15th month old.The bond was taken prior to 6th April so its not protected but i did not have a inventory.The initial deposit was £545 and i returned a cheque for £226( damage + additional 3 days rent)
  11. I had a tenant on a 12mth Ast.At the end of the agreement the tenant moved out the property as agreed.I inspected the property and found almost every wall in the house had either been drawn on by a child or heavily marked.Also shelves had been removed(no permission was given to put them up) leaving holes around the property.The cushioned flooring in the kitchen was ripped also.I obtained estimates and held back held back £75 for flooring and £195 for making right the walls. I have since received a solicitors letter stating i should return the full deposit plus £50 for loft flooring,£70 for garden fencing and £133 for a BT line to be installed.No permission was given for any of these items.Could you please advise on what action i should take.Thanks
  13. Hi I have 3 btl propertys that i need to re mortgage as they are comming to the end of the fixed term (oh no). The broker i used before has died so im after a good recommendation. Many thanks
  14. I have a property which has a tenant who has lived there for a few years.Im looking to sell the property but unsure if i should sell with the tenant in (sell to another landlord) or give the tenant notice and sell empty.The property is in Newcastle so any agents who you can recommend would be appreciated. I'm also thinking about setting up a website for landlords to sell tenanted properties on to other landlords.Could you give me any views on this also.
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