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no contract

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hi everyone,

this one is not for me. if a friend of mine has let someone on benefits live in a house but their is no contract and they now want her to leave how do they go about it? can they serve s21 or is their something different they have to do. thank you for any replies. jan1 :rolleyes:

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Yes they can serve notice, they would have to serve under s.21(4)(a). The sticking point here will be that there will have to be a court hearing as you cannot use the accelerated procedure (claim on the papers) where there is not written agreement. So you would have to serve the notice (2-3 months wait) then issue the claim on expiry (4-6 weeks wait) attend the court hearing and convince a judge to make an order for possession on the earliest date (usually 14 days) then apply for a warrant of eviction (county court bailiff 3 to 6 weeks, high court sheriff 7-10

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