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Intrusion security systems for ground floor

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I hate living in ground floor apartments. But, health reasons are forcing me to live on the ground floor. I have to climb multiple flights of stairs daily, which I cannot think of. Buildings with elevators are significantly more expensive in my area. Although I live in a relatively safe area, I hate feeling like I can't have my window blinds open and I don't like the idea of my windows and patio door being so vulnerable.

What things can be done to help yourself feel more secure when living on the ground floor? Some of my friends recommended installing intrusion security systems. Is this effective? Please advise!

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* Good quality door and window locks......In addition to those fitted by the manufacturers.

* A very visible intruder alarm system.

* Get a dog......make sure it barks.

* Lots of beware of dog signs around the property ....(even if you haven't got one).

* A small dog kennel in the garden.

* Lots of prickly shrubs around/under windows, doors and around the boundary.

* Get time switches and have lamps turn on automatically after dusk..

* Get PIR activated outside lighting.

* Join your neighbourhood watch scheme.

* Make sure you have nosey neighbours who will look out for you.

* Talk to your house insurers and the police for further advice......

* Etc, etc...

The basic idea is that you want to install devices that will deter, delay or hamper a thief so much that they choose to avoid your property in favour of one of your neighbours.....whose property has less security or inferior security to yours.

My neighbour has 2 alsation dogs. He has a sign on his front gate that says his dogs can reach the entrance in 3 seconds.....enter only if you feel today is your lucky day.

I had a sign on mine that sai property is alarmed with cctv.....try your luck further down the road......they don't have any of the stuff !I

Think out of the box there are lots of opertunities.


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