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How do I ensure tenant has paid all the bills?

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Hi all
My very difficult tenant is finally leaving.
I asked him for a copy of the closing statements for the utilities but he is refusing to give them to me.
How do I ensure he has paid all the bills before I release the deposit?

Thank you

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You don’t need to. I guess you informed all the utilities when your tenant moved in with the readings? Just do the same when they move out taking photo of the meters as a ref if needed at a later time.

remember if the utilities are in the tenants name any debt stays and follows them it shouldn’t effect you or any new tenant.

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Provided you have the final meter readings to give to the utility companies and that the tenant was registered by you to the utility companies and you have informed the Council Tax authorities when your tenant took over the property then there is no financial liability on you whatsoever.

Everything changes though of course if this has not been done on occupation by your new tenant.

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