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How to Rent Booklet.

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I can't find the thread where we discussed this previously but firstly I was of the understanding that we are permitted to only provide a web link to this booklet.

Secondly I read this wasn't adequate, so now worried that I had been neglectful to my poor tenants I looked for support of my first understanding and couldn't find it.

I should have just read the booklet. Under "The landlord must provide you with" is "A copy of this guide..... via a link or as a printed copy." The incoming tenant can have the one I've printed off, and then for the fun of it thought I'd read the stupid thing.

Now my third understanding is the same as my fist understanding and I'm not a criminal for omitting printed copies for the 3 latest tenancies, phew.


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No doubt you will be successfully prosecuted for not providing the booklet in 7 languages.  :D .......     and in your case COR....  Welsh!

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I did have the lass of a Polish family accuse me of racism, because I didn't provide the AST in her language.

She also claimed disrepair as every time she turned on the cold tap the water came out with such pressure it splashed her. I thought that most people would have learnt by the second time not to turn it on so much.

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