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government booklet "how to rent"

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I thought we had to supply a paper copy Cor but I Maybe wrong. Do you have a link to the requirement that a hard copy isn't needed. That would save me reams of paper and ink

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I'm unable to find the information I've been acting on.

So to be safe, until I can find confirmation of my earlier statement at least, I say it is safer for us to supply the booklet.

Of little comfort, and not the information I've been working to, is this I've seen this morning. As an alternative, according to this guy at least, we can email the booklet as an attachment.


If I'm able to find the information I'll post it up, otherwise I apologise for misleading anyone.

Now I've to print off the bloody patronising booklet for my recent tenancies, just in case I've to serve a S21 in future.


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Not heard about that option CoR, I've always provided a paper copy.

Although with my last new tenancy a week ago I discovered that my agents give all new tenants a paper copy along with their copy of the tenancy agreement.

I prefer to play safe and will continue to provide a copy to new tenants.

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With all the changes that have come in, to be safe on every renewal we gave a copy of the how to rent guide, epc, gas cert and PI and got the tenant to sign that they have received them. It was a right pain but I at least know all my ducks are it a row it I have to evict

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