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nightmare tenants

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True Grampa but yet another story of the law being against the LL even though they have done nothing wrong.

The initial selection of tenants is very important and crucial in my opinion and I have my methods on who will occupy my properties. Have I been lucky? Who knows? It is a gamble I have to say.  I for one would never allowed Helga to rent my property. She was high risk imo.

Things are getting bad and with a Tory Government coming in I can see the whole rental market being subject to even more rule tightening and financial cost to the landlord.

I would like to see more action against bad tenant's but I guess that won't happen.

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The story might well generate sympathy for the LL, but not from those that will say "They have a house in London don't they? They can afford it."

Much worse is that this can serve as a very dangerous education for the type of T we all fear, and worse still I can see ways that a T could manipulate a more favourable result for themselves from a naive LL.

Grampa you're so right, we need to know what we are doing. But the law being so clumsy and changeable it's not surprising that many are caught out. The LL is an easy and prominent target.

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I don't think that there is anything wrong with the current law on renting & letting. I actually think it's bloody good.

There is always going to be room for improvement .....as there is with any subject.

The law is never going to be definitively perfect. There will always be grey areas.....as there is with any complex subject, just look at the tax system as an example.

It's up to individuals to position themselves to take best advantage of the system. All I see, continuously, are landlords who don't educate themselves, never mitigate risk, make bad choices and decisions and who then blame the system for their mistakes.

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A well designed and less complex system wouldn't have inherent flaws that allow for such obvious abuse.

The industry has no need for such complexity, it's only the clumsy legislation that makes it so. After the election we can be sure some politician will jump on the band wagon to make it more complex yet.

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