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Tenant gone abroad

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Situation is as follows:

tenant has gone, abroad so we were told. AST runs until December. The tenant was on housing benefit. She has left her belongings in the house. Would it be right to serve a section 21 for possession and leave it at the property? If served now it would coincide with the end of the tenancy agreement. Should we keep her belongings in case she returns and how long do you keep stuff for? 

Thoughts please

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If the ast runs to December the tenant has a valid tenancy agreement. If they have gone abroad they may return.


You can serve an s21 ( or an s8 if they are 2 months in arrears) but you cannot remove any of their belongings yet, neither can you enter the property.

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Is she in arrears?  Can't see HB being paid if she is on the beach in Benidorm.

Inform HB that tenant allegedly has gone aboard.  Issue S21 and serve it at the property but get someone to take a pic showing date of service at the front door/letterbox.  Also start Section 8 if she is 2 months in arrears.

When you get a court order for possession you can then store the tenants affects - what does it say in the AST about this - the usual is 28 days?


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