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what things are most hated by tenants?

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I find the blog quite irritating......especially coming from people who should know what they are talking about.

* Many of the issues are about house sharing......many of us don't do that.

* The answers to number 6 in incomplete and confusing.

* The answer to number 8 is incorrect.....its actually 10 WORKING days.

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Amazing isn't it and little wonder people like me won't have DWP/DSS tenants. OK I have this tenant who is under notice to quit and has stated he wanted to leave anyway Normal notice to quit given under current rules.

I have just been informed by my LA that no rent has been paid for 6 weeks now and the prospect of getting any rent is pretty slim.

Nobody from DWP bothered to inform my LA other than payment would be on the next "payment run" as it had been missed off. This didn't happen as the DWP have stopped all payments due to my tenant not filling in certain forms and returning them......and they still have not done so.

So the landlord suffers no rental income..............

My first and last DWP tenant I have to say. No wonder there is a housing crisis in the UK..... everything is against the landlord from start to finish when dealing with the DWP/DSS.

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Maybe the T is playing a sly one.

If the claim is valid it could be paid later. If he provides the required info post leaving it might well get paid direct to him. Maybe Grampa can enlighten as to how to head this off so you still get it ??

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