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Found 7 results

  1. I'm about to rent my one-bedroom apartment to a student, a 20 years old guy. I have never rented to young adults and I'm pretty confused right now. But after reading this article - things seem to be not that bad. Generation Z What do you think?
  2. Hi, I have just had free solar installed on my rented properties. It isn't rent a roof, it is in fact a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) scheme. My tenants get to purchase the electric generated at 3p pkwh (per kilo watt hour) instead of 12p - 15p they paid before. I now have happier tenants with lower electricity bills, also my rental properties are now band D or above on the EPC register. I was concerned with the new legislation coming into effect for landlords with lower property bands than a D, but this scheme has helped sort this issue out at no cost. I have the compa
  3. Hello. My name is Ryan and I work for a TV production company called Films of Record. We've been established for over thirty years and make human-interest documentaries such as BBC2's Great Ormond Street series. I am currently researching the problems landlords face. I’d like to speak to anyone who has had (or currently having) disputes with tenants; or faced bureaucracy which has negatively impacted on them. Also, any thoughts about the Immigration Bill or Ed Miliband’s proposed reforms would be very helpful. At the moment this is just for research so you wouldn’t have to worry about
  4. Hi I'm Andrea, I'm working on www.flatchecker.com which connects landlords and renters (private rentals). We have a particular interest in improving standards and creating more transparency in the market. Our listings service is totally free and very easy to manage from your account. We've just got going and it would be great to get some feedback or suggestions for improving it. Thanks!
  5. To Landlords/Tenants/Home-owners, I work for a well established company called LMN. We specialise in getting Landlords/Tenants/Home-owners a 100% FREE A-rated boiler for their properties under the governments grant scheme the ECO-DEAL. The Eco-Deal is aimed at households that have a low-income and are in receipt of any Income-Related benefits or Tax Credits. It is funded by the Big Six energy companies so there is no cost to the Home-owner or the Landlord!! Not only are you saving money by not having to fork out for a Brand new boiler to the property, but the boilers been fitted are A-rated
  6. HI, I'm new to this forum and I'm a new landlord. I have a problem with a landlords insurance I've been looking everywhere to get a decent quote but with no succes. I've provided a link with what I think it's best for me and I would really love your opinion on this. Thank you so much for your help. Also I know that these insurances don't cover the tenants belongings, but there is a chance to find something that will cover?
  7. Dear friends My concern is about a property deposit. Specifically i was a T and i asked to end a tenancy agreement earlier and the L/A and the L have accepted this but they have not told me for any fees for ending the tenancy earlier, However, i returned the keys and the property was in excellent condition. Now 1 month later the landlord is refusing to return the deposit, for covering his loss and for breach of contract as he stating. Please note that there was no any clause stating for any fees for ending the tenancy earlier or breach of contract. And neither the LA or the L have informed w
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