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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, If someone can please advise- my actual end date for the lodger's agreement is 28th August. I plan to move out all my stuff by around 25th and spend the next day or so to clean the place. Now the letting agent sent me an email to say that they need to carry out a check-out inspection on 24th or 25th as they do not work on 28th. That involves them taking pictures of all items to see if there are any damages. I am not comfortable with this as I don't have time to clear and clean the place by then. I am very pushed with time as I work as well on top of trying to pack my stuff.
  2. The UMT offers the service pack that you can use when you renting out your property. ***Easy, fast and helpful*** USEMETODAY.CO.UK *Check In/Out Inventory *Gas Safety Certificate *Building Service *Cleaning Service
  3. I have been charged £110 (excl VAT) for a check out report and my tenant has been charged £100 (excl VAT) for a check in report on my property that I rent out. The only difference between the two reports is that the Out has been changed to In on the one report. The report took less than an hour to do. Is this normal? It seems excessive to me to charge so much money for what is basically the same report. I'd really like your thoughts on this please.
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