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Found 4 results

  1. Advice much appreciated..... The contract my tenants signed was for a fixed 12 month period with no break clause. We have agreed independently that they are happy to go onto a periodic tenancy/rolling contract as it suits both parties. We manage the property. The letting agent collects the rent as they did not offer a finders fee only option. I now wish to de-instruct them but have been told that I will incur extremely high 'renewal fees' even if they do nothing - no admin/paperwork and no longer collect the rent. They have said that if I keep the tenants I have to pay an ongoing ren
  2. Guys - is it regular practice for letting agents who are managing your properties, to only use contractors who pay them a fee. This fee being additional to the fee you pay them for the actual work? Thanks for any input.
  3. My letting agent approached me about a month ago with a request from my tennant as to whether I would consider selling him my property. We have since agreed a price and appointed solicitors with the agents acting as a go between. The agents very belatedly (yesterday) sent me through a sole agency sales agreement for signature, and are now seeking their full agents commision on the sale of the property. Whilst they have acted as a go between, I never asked them to sell the property for me. Reading the sole agency agreement I don't see that I need to sign it, as I already have a sale agreed.
  4. Hi I have two properties managed by a letting agent since October 2013. At the time when I signed an open ended standard management agreement with the agent, both properties were already rented out. The tenants were previously found by the same agent under a tenant find only service (one of the tenants was already in occupation for 1 year, the other one for several years). One tenant left in June 2014, one is still in occupation. No new contracts were issued to the existing tenants when the agent started the management service, the agent only sent letters informing them of the
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