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  1. Thanks heaps for all your advice, I'm really grateful for the feedback! I' a bit of an amateur at this to be honest, I only have the one property - this was where I lived before I moved in with my partner 4 years ago. I got in touch with a letting agent and they found me a tenant straight away and they have been in the house till this August. They were private tenants as I have specifically specified to my agent I don't want DSS. My house is not advertised or open to DSS and I would never entertain HMO either. I think that basically, because I'm quite an organised person the fact that
  2. I have had tenants for over 3 years who left my property 3rd August 2011. They paid up their council tax. I had a letter to the property acknowledging it was vacant, advising me to inform them if the situation was otherwise. This week I receive a letter from them to my home, telling me how Doncaster council are committed and have developed an "empty property strategy", bringing privately owned empty properties back into use - it's only been empty a month!!! The letter also offers help with tenant finding. So, out of courtesy I dropped them an email, informing them I have a letting agent w
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